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What are you doing to recharge this winter?

Escape to Sunny Arizona

As you may know, I co-host women's adventure trips that combine yoga and hiking in beautiful places. This past year we went to Cooper's Rock in West Virginia, Shenandoah National Park in Virginia, and all over the Finger Lakes in New York. Our next adventure—and our first for 2023—it taking us to majestic and magical Arizona! This trip is a 5-day escape to Sedona where we will experience "the best of" the area: we'll take a beginner's canyoneer trip through slot canyons, hike some of our favorite places amongst the red rocks and cacti in the Sonoran desert, and practice yoga near the Sedona energy vortexes! This is an opportunity to break up the drudges of winter and take time to recharge and reconnect with YOU. This trip is designed to bring you a different sort of me-time: self-care beyond bubble baths and chocolate. Self-care that shows you the warrior that's inside of you. This adventure invites you to rise up and reclaim your awesomeness! Not sure if these trips are right for you? Our trips attract women who love nature and want to travel and experience new things—but don't want to do it alone. The women who attend our trips come from all backgrounds and are all shapes and sizes, but they do have one thing in common: they are open-minded and pretty go-with-the-flow—friendly, personable, inclusive, and fun! Worried it will be too strenuous? When asked what the biggest challenge was on these retreats, our attendees often say the hardest part was actually signing up. It's intimidating to go with a new group of people! The first time I attended a women's retreat, I was really nervous and had all sorts of doubts going through my mind: What if I couldn't keep up? What would the people be like? Why don't I just go on this trip myself? In the end, I had the most amazing time—and was so inspired I am now hosting group travel trips! This is what I found out is so awesome about group travel:

  1. You don't need to plan anything.

  2. It's a safe way to travel solo.

  3. We've already found the best places.

  4. The women who attend these are cool.

  5. The adventures are tough without being extreme.

You can check out all the details at: If you have questions, just email me back. What are you doing to recharge this winter?? Aurora

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