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Sitting Meditation

Private Yoga and
Wellness Consultations

Aurora offers personalized, private yoga and bodywork consultations that include customized asana, mindfulness, and meditation practices.

Using knowledge from Ayurveda, the Enneagram, and the divine feminine, Aurora will design a program for you that is transformative and powerful. 


Aurora is an environmentally-inspired writer, artist, and yoga teacher who focuses on creating a fun and rewarding wellness experience. She is passionate about using writing, art, and yoga to empower women to work through difficult experiences and rediscover their inner warriors. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing, is working on her 500hr YTT, speaks regularly on writing and wellness, and teaches at the university level.

Build a Better You

Aurora uses a series of modalities to address your overall mind-body health. Emphasis will be placed on how to use yoga, meditation, mindfulness, writing and other approaches to address your physical and mental health and well-being.

Because we will be working to make lasting changes in our health, consultations will be booked in six week sessions. 

Singing Bowl Meditation
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