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Hiking in Forest

Wilderness Wellness Adventures

Embrace the Wild: Discover Your Path to Wellness

Get Lost to Find Yourself:

Craving a dash of adventure with a sprinkle of zen? Let’s lace up for an escapade where laughter is the best companion and the open sky is your guide. Join us as we wander into nature’s playground to rediscover the simple joys of being.

If you seek the thrill of the outdoors and the peace of introspection, these trips are for you. We’re all about sparking that adventurous flame in women who crave a side of empowerment with their escapades. Imagine a tranquil day hike culminating in yoga amidst the wilderness, a foraging walk revealing nature’s hidden bounties, or a day of kayaking and exploring — each moment is a step toward renewing your spirit and awakening self-insight.


So, rally your sisters in spirit for a weekend where belly laughs, bear hugs, and uplifting tales are as common as the trees.

Our commitment is to inspire women to boldly claim their sense of adventure. These trips are a chance for kinship, storytelling, and lifting each other up within a wilderness sanctuary.

Stay tuned for what this next year has in store – it's gearing up to be an unforgettable journey for the books. Ready to step out of the everyday into the extraordinary? We can't wait to hit the trails with you!

More trips coming your way soon!

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Meet Aurora

Aurora Bonner

Aurora is an environmentally-inspired writer and yoga teacher who focuses on creating a fun and rewarding wellness experience. She is passionate about using writing, nature, and yoga to empower women to work through difficult experiences and rediscover their inner warriors. She speaks regularly on writing and wellness and teaches at the university level.

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