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It's happening! 🎉

The doors are open to YOGA STRONG: Empowered—our total wellness program that offers yoga on- and off- the mat and empowers you to live your best life. We start next week!

I have spent the last three months building the most value-packed, you-centered, holistic yoga program for the BEST community out there (you😊).

Yoga Strong includes:

  • Weekly Yoga Classes (pre-recorded for your convenience)

  • Live Community Calls (off-the-mat lessons & prompts)

  • YOGA STRONG Workbook & Journal

  • Private community FB group that feels like family

  • Emails to start your week with focus

  • (2) YOGA STRONG Extras (a $196 value) included for FREE (to be announced this week)

  • Prizes and giveaways at the end!

This is SO MUCH MORE than drop-in classes, 5-day challenges, or weekend workshops. YOGA STRONG is not just about getting your body in shape (but that will happen, too)—it's about getting your mind in shape.

Imagine you, empowered.

Here are some of what students have said about past YOGA STRONG programs:

"I feel a huge difference in my core after just one week!"

"I so needed this! It's not just the classes, it's the accountability. I am never this consistent... I feel AMAZING. Thank you!"

"I am so glad I found you! Your verbalizations throughout the classes were very clear and I didn't have to look up at the screen quizzically trying to figure out what the pose looked like, as I have had to in other yoga classes!" "I love hearing people share in the community group. It's helpful to hear what other people are going through and to know that they're right there with me." "I wanted to get stronger but didn't really believe that would happen. But, it's like you said, I just kept showing up, and now I don't just FEEL stronger, I AM stronger." "It’s exciting that I can do things now that I absolutely couldn’t at the beginning!"


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