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Renew & Recharge with Our Free March Yoga Challenge

Mark Your Calendars

We are only a week away from our 5-day March Yoga Challenge! We will kick things off on March 20th with a live Welcome that afternoon—save the date 🤩

Each day of the challenge, you'll be offered a different yoga class or tutorial, recipes or tips, motivation, and prompts to jump start your spring wellness routines (don't worry if you don't have a wellness routine—that's exactly what this is for 😉).

This challenge falls over the spring equinox and that is not a coincidence! From March 20th to March 25th we'll focus on realigning our body and mind in order to strengthen and empower us as we move into spring.

Want to Get Results? Get Ready Now.

The students that see the biggest results are the students who get serious about it. Find time for this challenge and you will start to see change.

It's HARD to set aside time for yourself. But this isn't for your to-do list, this is for your MUST-DO LIST.

And if you DO want to move through that to-do list with ease, you MUST find space to recharge and reconnect with your self.

Get Ready for Next Week:

  1. Mark your calendars. Set aside 30 minutes a day from Sunday, March 20th to Friday, March 25th to devote to this challenge. This is soooo important! The number one reason people don't reach their wellness and fitness goals is they fail to make the time.

  2. Join our private Facebook Group. This is a great place for you to connect with others, find motivation, and access free classes that are live streamed there. (Like the Yoga for Core Strength to Improve Balance class coming up this Wednesday)

  3. Invite a Friend. You know those friends that help you stay accountable, who are willing to try new things, who are supportive and fun? Forward this email and ask them to join with you! (link to join is below)

This is going to be A M A Z I N G! Watch for emails over the next week—I'll be sending out specific instructions for the challenge.


Our free yoga challenge offers a peek into what YOGA STRONG (our month-long wellness program) offers—yoga classes, healthy living tips, and mindset motivation.

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