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Mindfulness & Your Health: Practices to Reduce Stress & Ease Chronic Discomfort

What Science Says About Mindfulness

As many of you may know, I have been on a personal health journey for most of my adult life. My struggle with burnout and autoimmune disorders is how I got hooked on yoga and mindfulness. I am fascinated by these systems of wellness that have been around for thousands of years because I've had better results from preventative care like yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda, than with any of the conventional approaches I've tried.

However, what you might not know about me is that I'm also an academic—I've worked in higher education for over fifteen years—and so I am always thrilled when these two worlds overlap.

Recently, on The Health Skin Show podcast, host Jennifer Fugo highlighted research that shows the beneficial connection between Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction practices on autoimmune disorders like alopecia and psoriasis. In fact, some of the statistics were astounding!

This hits home for me, but backs up a much more relevant point for all:

  • Clinical trials have proven that mindfulness practices reduce anxiety, depression, and stress—and can even decrease the effects of chronic pain and distress.

I talk a lot about the physical benefits of yoga for helping women to strengthen and improve their core muscles.

I make my classes approaching and fun—and not so serious. But the truth is, the benefits of these practices are very serious.

Many of these trials show that just ten minutes of mindfulness-based practices could drastically improve your health struggles. Just ten minutes!

So I have been inspired to do something special for our next YOGA STRONG wellness start in February...

Now, when you register for YOGA STRONG: Breath & Body, I'll include a four-part mindfulness-based stress reduction series for FREE.

(That is in addition to weekly live yoga and breathwork classes, nutrition and wellness tips, and weekly motivation.)

We start February 21st.

All of the classes are recorded, so your schedule is completely flexible. Click here to read more info about the program and hear testimonials from former students.

Start making strides towards a healthier you today.


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