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It's Time to Cleanse, Clear, and Unclutter.

Finding Clarity and Mindfulness

This week marks a special time in the northern hemisphere—we're halfway through the seasonal change, between the solstice and equinox, between dormancy and rebirth.

This is the perfect time to find clarity through decluttering and cleansing our spaces and minds.

Science has proven that physical clutter in our homes and environments can have as much of a negative impact on our wellness as mental clutter. In fact, there is a direct connection between the amount of clutter in our spaces and how we feel mentally.

But where to start? A lot of times, I feel overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start or how to do it all.

Start simply. Simply start.

Most of us stop is when we try to do it all at once. Start simply. Just five minutes. But simply start.

Organizational styles

I recently listened to a podcast with Cassandra Aarsen of Clutterbug who spoke to the fact that people's organize differently. (There is a fun quiz she offers here)

It is so true and helpful to realize that we are not all Marie Kondos. In fact, many of us would never want to be someone who folds socks or gets rid of books (😱).

But there is a difference between cozy and cluttered.

I am a big fan of hygge, the Danish concept of finding comfort, pleasure, and warmth in simple, soothing things like cozy atmospheres or the feeling of friendships.

Hygge is about cherishing the little things. Clutter is the opposite. Clutter involves a fear of letting go, maybe the guilt of letting go. Clutter feels heavy, hygge feels light.

The same is true for your mind.

Is your daily coffee or tea a ritual or a need? Is cleaning the house a pleasure or a dread? How can you spend more time focusing on the things that bring you joy and less time focusing on the things weighing you down?

Once upon a time, I loved grocery shopping. Not so anymore. Now, I find myself dreading the trip and dreading the expense. So I signed up for a grocery delivery service, stick to a budget & save hours of time. It takes five minutes.

Organizing and simplifying helps you feel more focused and calm.

A great aid in decluttering your mind is mindfulness. Join me for a free yoga and breathwork series. Fifteen minute classes delivered to your inbox once a week.

Feel better and more focused 😘


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