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Improve Your Mood & Change Your Energy with Breathwork

Your breath is your life force.

We talk a lot about breath in yoga, and if you've taken classes with me, you know I cue inhales and exhales through almost every pose.

In yoga, your breath, or prana, is believed to be your life force. Your breath is the link between the body and mind. When you bring your awareness to your breath, you're able to see your body through your self instead of through your thinking, judging mind.

The breath gives us insight into our mental and emotional health, as well.

When your breath changes, it tells you something is happening in your mind—worry, stress, excitement, relaxation—it all is reflected in your breath.

A large part of practicing yoga is practicing pranayama, breathwork. Most often students are familiar with the popular ujjayi breath, the type of breath used in vinyasa or Ashtanga style yoga. But there are so many types of breathwork, some of which you may have seen in my classes.