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How to Manifest Your Best Life

Manifesting Your Best Life

As 2021 comes to a close, most of us are thinking about how we're going to step into 2022.

I used to dread this time—I would think about how "off" I was: all the things I didn't do, how out of shape I was, how indulgent I'd been over the holidays... until I learned how to really focus and create my best life.

Now, I love the time between the Solstice and the lunar New Year: it is the time I devote to envisioning how I want to see my life unfold over the coming year, what changes I need to make to live my best life.

I know what you're thinking: New Year's resolutions don't work. And you're absolutely right!

Have you ever set a New Year's resolution only to break it or not even start it?

Most of us have. And it's not because you're a failure or you're not good enough. It's because we usually go about it all wrong. Living your best life isn't about setting lofty, unrealistic goals—or punishing ourselves into whatever small box the rest of the world fits into.

Even resolutions that sounds great, like "I'm going to start doing yoga in January," or "I'm going to lose 10 pounds by March," can feel unachievable when we don't have guidance. Without a plan, we're really just shouting into the wind. (This is exactly why I am hosting the YOGA STRONG: Bootcamp & Challenge program)

The difference comes when we start envisioning and actually manifesting our best life.

Maybe this sounds a little too woo-woo for you, and that is okay. But stay with me another moment. What I'm talking about is being intentional about how we live our lives every day—every moment. It's not only about dreaming big dreams—it's about actually living those dreams.

Because it's not enough to dream, we have to be intentional about our everyday actions. When you have an intention and you know exactly what you're out to do, you can begin to create the changes you want so badly and you can begin to live the life of your dreams.

How do you make your dreams a reality? Do you struggle with this? Any vision boarders out there? Comment below and tell me what your best life looks like!

Remember I'm offering a free New Year's Eve class—the last Free Yoga Friday class of the year.

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