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Feel Energized and Renewed With This Yoga Challenge

It's Our Birthday Month!

It's hard to believe that two years ago I started CreateYou: Wellness & Fitness! Although I was an experienced teacher, I had never been on camera and definitely did NOT want to be on live video (I had always been the student in the BACK of the room).

But I wanted to bring the amazing power of yoga and mindfulness to people and that drive pushed me to keep showing up and being a little awkward. 😉

Plus, I loved online yoga myself—I could show up in my pajamas and didn't have to hide from anyone!

That is why I will ALWAYS offer prerecorded videos for you as an option—I want you to feel as comfortable as possible.

March Yoga & Wellness Challenge

This month we celebrating our birthday with a special 5-day yoga challenge that starts on March 20. This challenge includes five days of:

  • ⭐Themed yoga classes

  • ⭐Live off-the-mat sessions

  • ⭐Core-strengthening drills

  • ⭐Connection with an amazing yoga community!

If you have been curious about Yoga Strong, this is your opportunity to experience what it's like—for free!


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