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Exercise? Meditate? Who has time for that?!?! You Do, With These Five Easy Tips

Don't let the holiday festivities make you forget your goals.

I love indulging during the holidays—I'm all about the food, parties, and extra cozy activities that tend to come with the season. However, it's easy to get swept up in and forget—or neglect—the healthy habits that make you feel good (and keep you feeling good). So here are some quick tips to keep you healthy throughout the festivities.

Five Easy Ways to Keep Moving (Part 1)

Make your practice the FIRST thing you do. Check it off your list before the day even begins. It will be done and you’ll feel amazing!

Make it a shorter practice. Don’t have time for a 60 minute yoga class? Don’t be discouraged! Even 15 minutes will do wonders for your day.