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Manifest Your Best You
Turn Your Visions into Goals

Sunday, January 16, 4:00pm est
Tired of feeling stuck? If you feel like your dreams are a million miles away, you are not alone. Setting resolutions can help, but if they don't give you a clear path forward, they can end in frustration—a lot of times these "resolutions" are abandoned before they are even begun. And guess what? It's not because you are a failure. It's not because you are worthless, and it's not because you are "not good enough."

I thought that for many years, until I figured out exactly WHY we don't follow through and developed a process to change that.

Why don't we reach our goals? 

Most of the time we don't follow through because:
1. We make our goals vague with no clear path forward
2. We make our goals impossible to reach
3. We don't have a clear plan
4. We don't have the support we need

I figured out how to avoid all of the above and instead move forward with the scaffolding needed to manifest my dreams.

Over the past twelve years, this process has helped me:
—Devote more time and energy to my kids (without taking away from me)
—Recover from burnout after struggling with overwhelm
—Reverse the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue & keep my other autoimmune disease at bay.
—Become the most fit, healthiest version of my self as I move into my 40s
—Enjoy 12 years of sobriety 

Want to know exactly how I do it? Join me for the first of a short workshop series on manifesting and goal-setting: Turn Your Visions Into Goals. January 16 at 4:00pm EST
Cost is $15 (FREE with YOGASTRONG Early Bird registration—no need to sign up)

Enjoying Nature

Meet Aurora Bonner, E-RYT 200, YACEP

Aurora has been practicing yoga for over twenty years and is committed to creating a welcoming environment in her classes. Her experiences in hatha yoga, power vinyasa yoga, Bikram yoga, Zen Barre, Ayurveda, and Kundalini yoga allow her to offer challenging and deeply renewing classes that are fun and down-to-earth. She strives to meet you where you are at and welcomes all levels, interests, and experiences—whether this is your first attempt at yoga or your thousandth.

A writer, artist, and mindfulness instructor, Aurora is a mama of two who is deeply inspired by wellness, nutrition, and nature. She loves connecting with people and loves helping women rediscover their inner confidence and learn to love their mind and body.
Photo courtesy of Jessica Human
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