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Women's Wilderness Weekends

These wilderness retreats provide a different kind of "me-time." Whether you come for the opportunity to discover new places, connect with other like-minded women, or simply have an adventure without having to plan or worry about ANYTHING, you've come to the right place.

We research each place, find the best adventures, and provide you with everything you need to have an adventurous weekend away. 

Join us for an epic outing in the wilderness with other adventurous women. Enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, camping, or bouldering, relax with yoga, or learn new things with a writing or photography class

Upcoming Trips

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Meet Your Guides


Aurora Bonner

Aurora is an environmentally-inspired writer, artist, and yoga teacher who focuses on creating a fun and rewarding wellness experience. She is passionate about using writing, art, and yoga to empower women to work through difficult experiences and rediscover their inner warriors. She owns an online yoga studio, CreateYou: Wellness & Fitness, speaks regularly on writing and wellness, and teaches at the university level.

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Jessica Human

Jessica is an adventure photographer specializing in travel, hiking, and outdoor photography. Inspiring women and families to get outside through her popular Instagram account, @wechoseadventures, she is passionate about inspiring living an outdoor centered lifestyle and exploring beautiful places. As a wilderness leader, she is known for her expert advice on everything outdoors, from destinations to gear recommendations.

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