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Vinyasa from Home

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Office closed? Classes cancelled? Don't cancel your daily wellness routine! Register for a FREE & fun fitness-based yoga routine to build strength and flexibility without leaving your home. ON-LINE

Yoga for Busy Moms

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I used to only dream of what calm might feel like and what wellness might look like. Then I found yoga. Yoga has been used to reduce stress and anxiety, and to promote overall wellness and calm for hundreds of years. Today, there is a yoga studio in nearly every major city. But stepping inside a studio can be uncomfortable. Who has the time? Who has the money? Introducing my FREE intro class built specifically for busy moms. ON-LINE

Yoga in the Gardens

May 16th & 30th, 9:30am-10:30am

Refresh your body and mind with the Yoga in the Gardens series offered at Penn State Extension of Adams County. Take in the peace and beauty of the surrounding gardens as you work to improve flexibility and strength. Classes are suitable for all levels. GETTYSBURG, PA

Suggested donation: $10 per class