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Beyond Arm Balance's

30-day practice program!

I encourage you to set aside time beyond your regular practice to commit to this program. New classes and drills will be posted each week for you to advance your practice. 

These classes all build off of the classes and tutorials within the Beyond Arm Balances workshop in Teachable. Please be sure to work through the lessons in the Fundamental Classes module within the workshop before completing any of the practice program.


Week 1

For week one, focus on working through the fundamental classes and tutorials in the workshop. Once you have watched the fundamentals, add in the classes below for optimal strength building.
Class 1
Build strength in your upper body with this sequence.
Class 2
This 25-minute core sequence brings the heat!
Class 3
Tone your arms and your core in this 30 minute class. 
Class 1

Week 3

For Week 3, you should plan to practice the core drills from Scale Pose (found within the workshop) 2-3 times. 

In addition, incorporate the following:
Class 2

Week 4

For Week 4, you should plan to practice the Building Shoulder Strength, as well as the Downdog, Plank, Chaturanga, and Updog videos from the workshop.
Class 1
Class 2
Build up your plank holds—a total body enhancer!
Remember to build rest time into your regular routine. You have watched the fundamentals, worked through the above classes, use the following classes to maintain your routines. In addition, include the Yoga Class: Wrists & Shoulders.

Challenge: Complete the drills for Crow Pose 2-3 times this week. 

Week 2

Class 1
Class 2
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